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Cisco CCNP Data Center 300-180 dumps and 300-180 PDF, online Practice Test

Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT): 300-180 exam. Share the latest 300-180 dumps and Practice test questions for free. Real and effective exam questions and answers. 300-180 pdf online Download, 300-180 YouTube video online learning to improve skills!
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Latest effective Cisco 300-180 Exam Practice Tests

What task is required before adding traffic sources to a monitoring session?
A. create a traffic monitoring session
B. choose a source component
C. activate the session
D. delete any earlier data collection
Correct Answer: A

Which three components are updated using the Host Upgrade Utility? (Choose three.)
B. Network Adapter(s)
C. Array Controller
D. Cisco IMC
E. LOM port
G. Drive Firmware
Correct Answer: ABD

After migrating a server that is configured with dynamic vNICs, Cisco UCS Manager assigns new dynamic vNICs to the
server. If you had been monitoring traffic on an original dynamic vNIC, what must you do when the server comes back
A. Reassign the dynamic vNIC back to the old configuration.
B. Nothing; Cisco UCS Manager will take over.
C. Reassign the service profile back to the master one.
D. Remove and reconfigure the dynamic vNIC.
E. Reassign the monitoring source.
Correct Answer: E

What should you do when you see faults during the initial setup and discovery process?
A. Take note and address the faults.
B. You can safely ignore these faults.
C. Log them and try to address the first one.
D. Reboot until the error messages go away.
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about the Nexus atomic rollback feature is true?
A. It restores the default manufacturing configuration.
B. Each error must be acknowledged prior to implementation.
C. It is implemented only if error occur.
D. It is implemented and any errors are skipped.
Correct Answer: C

Which names are reserved when custom roles are created in Cisco UCS Manager RBAC?
A. network-admin, network-operator, vdc-admin, vdc-operator, and server-admin
B. cisco, cisco123, cisco-operator, cisco-admin, and root
C. ucs-admin, ucs-operator, server-admin, server-operator, and cisco-admin
D. ucs, ucs123, server-admin, server-operator, and sysroot
Correct Answer: A

Which command on a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch will show the interface information for port 10 on the connected
FEX 100?
A. show interface Ethernet 100/10
B. show fex 100 interface Ethernet 1/10
C. show interface Ethernet 100/1/10
D. show interface Ethernet 1/100/10
Correct Answer: C

What is the correct configuration for interface Ethernet 1/1 of a Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch when it is a member of
port channel 101 connected to FEX 101?
A. interface Ethernet1/1 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk native vlan 10 switchport trunk allowed vlan 20,30 fex
associate 101
channel-group 101
B. interface Ethernet1/1 switchport mode fex-fabric channel-group 101
C. interface Ethernet1/1 switchport mode access switchport access vlan 10 fex associate 101 channel-group 101
D. interface Ethernet1/1 switchport mode fex-fabric fex associate 101 channel-group 101
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

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