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Question 1:

What two actions must be taken by an engineer configuring wireless Identity-Based Networking for a WLAN to enable VLAN tagging? (Choose two.)

A. enable AAA override on the WLAN

B. create and apply the appropriate ACL to the WLAN

C. update the RADIUS server attributes for tunnel type 64, medium type 65, and tunnel private group type 81

D. configure RADIUS server with WLAN subnet and VLAN ID E. Enable VLAN Select on the wireless LAN controller and the WLAN

Question 2:

Branch wireless users report that they can no longer access services from the head office but can access services locally at the site. New wireless users can associate with the wireless while the WAN is down. Which three elements (Cisco FlexConnect state, operation mode, and authentication method) are seen in this scenario? (Choose three.)

A. authentication-local/switch-local

B. WPA2 personal

C. authentication-central/switch-central

D. lightweight mode

E. standalone mode

F. WEB authentication

Question 3:

An engineer is designing a high-availability wireless network. What mechanism should be the focus for high availability?


B. channel reuse


D. cell overlap

Question 4:

Which three properties are used for client profiling of wireless clients? (Choose three.)

A. HTTP user agent



D. hostname

E. OS version

F. IP address


Question 5:

Refer to the exhibit.

300-430 exam questions 5

The image shows a packet capture that was taken at the CLI of the Cisco CMX server. It shows UDP traffic from the WLC coming into the server. What does the capture prove?

A. The Cisco CMX server receives NetFlow data from the WLC.

B. The Cisco CMX server receives NMSP traffic from the WLC.

C. The Cisco CMX server receives SNMP traffic from the WLC.

D. The Cisco CMX server receives Angle-of-Arrival data from the WLC.

300-430 exam questions 5-1

Question 6:

An engineer is implementing RADIUS to restrict administrative control to the network with the WLC management IP address of and an AP subnet of Which entry does the engineer define in the RADIUS server?

A. administrative access defined on the WLC and the network range

B. NAS entry of the virtual interface and the network range

C. shared secret defined on the WLC and the network range

D. WLC roles for commands and the network range

Question 7:

An engineer is implementing profiling for BYOD devices using Cisco ISE. When using a distributed model, which persona must the engineer configure with the profiling service?

A. Policy Services Node

B. Device Admin Node

C. Monitor Node

D. Primary Admin Node

Question 8:

You are configuring the social login for a guest network. Which three options are configurable social connectors in Cisco CMX Visitor Connect? (Chose three)

A. LinkedIn

B. Pinterest

C. Medium

D. Google+

E. Facebook

F. Myspace

Question 9:

An engineer needs to configure an autonomous AP for 802.Ix authentication. To achieve the highest security an authentication server is used for user authentication During testing, the AP fails to pass the user authentication request to the authentication server. Which two details need to be configured on the AP to allow the communicator? between the server and the AP? (Choose two.)

A. RADIUS IP address

B. Username and password

C. Group name

D. Shared secret

E. PAC encryption key

Question 10:

A network engineer observes a spike in controller CPU overhead and overall network utilization after multicast is enabled on a controller with 500 APs. Which feature connects the issue?

A. controller IGMP snooping

B. multicast AP multicast mode

C. broadcast forwarding

D. unicast AP multicast mode

Note: The question is about the reason behind the CPU hike, it is not asking about the solution for the issue

Question 11:

A company is collecting the requirements for an on-premises event. During the event, a wireless client connected to a dedicated WLAN will run a video application that will need to average 300000000 bits per second to function properly. What is the QoS marketing that needs to be applied to that WLAN?

A. Bronze

B. Platinum

C. Silver

D. Gold

Question 12:

An IT team is growing quickly and needs a solution for managing device access. The solution must authenticate users from an external repository instead of the current local on the WLC, and it must also identify the user and determine what level of access users should have.

Which protocol do you recommend to achieve these goals?

A. network policy server



D. LDAP Denali_16_1_1_chapter_010110.pdf

Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit.

300-430 exam questions 13

Which area indicates the greatest impact on the wireless network when viewing the Cisco CleanAir Zone of Impact map of interferers?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

Question 14:

An engineer has been hired to implement a way for users to stream video content without having issues on the wireless network. To accomplish this goal, the engineer must set up a reliable way for a Media Stream to work between Cisco FlexConnect APs. Which feature must be enabled to guarantee delivery?

A. Multicast-Unicast Direct

B. Multicast Direct

C. Unicast Direct D. IGMP Direct

Question 15:

The security policy mandates that only controller web management traffic is allowed from the IT subnet. In testing, an engineer is trying to connect to a WLAN with Web Authentication for guest users, but the page is timing out on the wireless client browser.

What is the cause of this issue?

A. Web Authentication Redirect is supported only with Internet Explorer, and the client is using Google Chrome.

B. The DNS server that is configured on the controller is incorrect

C. Web Authentication Redirect is not supported with CPUACLS. QUE

D. The implemented CPU ACL on the controller is blocking HTTP/HTTPS traffic from the guest clients.

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