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Professional VMware Workspace ONE: https://www.vmware.com/education-services/certification/vcp-dw-exam.html

The VCP-DW 2020 certification validates that a candidate can configure, deploy, manage, maintain, optimize, and perform basic troubleshooting of VMware Workspace ONE and related solutions, as well as properly identify and differentiate any needed supporting products and components.

Latest Updates VMware 2V0-61.19 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

Which authentication adapter in Identity Manager only supports inbound connections?
A. Kerberos
B. Password
C. Device Compliance
Correct Answer: A


In which type of organization group type can the Workspace ONE UEM Getting Started Wizard be run?
A. Container
B. Global
C. Division
D. Customer
Correct Answer: A


Which is the VMware recommended sizing for high availability (HA)?
A. (N/3)+2 for all highly available components
B. N+3 for all highly available components
C. N+1 for all highly available components
D. Double the number of all components
Correct Answer: D


What VMware client application is used for Android Mobile SSO, and what authentication method is utilized by this
A. Workspace ONE Web and Certificate Authentication
B. VMware Tunnel and Certificate Authentication
C. Workspace ONE Intelligence Hub and Kerberos
D. VMware Tunnel and Kerberos
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://pubs.vmware.com/workspace_one_aw-91/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.aw-vidmws1integration-911%2FGUID-1E5128A5-1394-4A50-8098-947780E38166.html


What step is required to configure the Workspace ONE Access Connector for outbound mode?
A. Deploy VMware Unified Access Gateway and configure Reverse Proxy.
B. Ensure the connector has a valid certificate signed by a public Certificate Authority.
C. Add a built-in IdP and associate it with the connector.
D. Configure firewall rule to allow inbound TCP 443 from the Identity Manager Service.
Correct Answer: C


Which underlying technology does Automation in Workspace ONE Intelligence use to execute Actions?
B. Java
D. PowerShell
Correct Answer: C


When configuring profiles in the Workspace ONE UEM Console for Android devices, why would some setting features
and payloads be supported for specific original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and/or operating system (OS)
A. Profile configuration requires a device directly purchased from Google
B. Profile configuration requires an application built with the AirWatch SDK installed on the device
C. Profile configuration is dependent on operating system and firmware API availability
D. Profile configuration is XML-based and depending on the OEM or OS, the device may not support XML
Correct Answer: C


A customer currently has Okta as an identity provider and wishes to use Just in Time provisioning to automatically
provision users to both Workspace ONE UEM and VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) during mobile device enrollment to
their Workspace ONE UEM environment.
Which is the correct configuration to meet this use case?
A. Configure Okta as the Identity Provider to Workspace ONE UEM and configure Okta as the Identity provider for
B. Configure vIDM and the Identity Provider to Okta and configure Mobile OS as the Identity provider for Workspace
C. Configure vIDM and the Identity Provider to Okta and configure Okta as the Identity provider for Workspace ONE
D. Configure vIDM as the Identity Provider to Workspace ONE UEM and configure Okta as the Identity provider for
Correct Answer: A


A customer has two sub-organizations with different domains with separate AD servers. Both Domain Controllers and
Cloud Connectors are in the same subnet. The first sub-organization is currently set up to manage devices in Workspace
One UEM using Cloud Connector and a VMware Identity Manager.
What is the VMware recommendation to set up the second sub-organization that is not set up for management with
Workspace One UEM?
A. Use the same Cloud Connector server and set up directory services and request an additional Identity Management
B. Deploy Use an additional Cloud Connector server and set up directory services server and request additional Identity
Management Tenant
C. Deploy an additional Cloud Connector Server and set up Directory services and then use the Identity Manager
Tenant currently available
D. Use the same Cloud Connector server to set up directory services and the same Identity management tenant
Correct Answer: C


Which Workspace ONE component can be integrated with VMware NSX to implement network micro-segmentation?
A. VMware Tunnel
B. VMware AirWatch Content Gateway
C. VMware Identity Manager Connector
D. VMware AirWatch Secure Email Gateway
Correct Answer: A


Which two ways can managed content be assigned to users? (Choose two.)
A. Smart Group
B. Domains Group
C. Organization Group
D. User Group
E. Functional Group
Correct Answer: AC
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/9.5/vmware-airwatch-guides-95/GUIDAW95-Rdmptn_Cds_Assign.html


Which two resources from Horizon Cloud can be made available in the Workspace ONE catalog? (Choose two.)
A. VMware Horizon Cloud ThinApp
B. VMware Horizon Cloud Desktops
C. VMware Horizon Cloud Apps
D. VMware Horizon Cloud Workspace Suite
E. VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle
Correct Answer: BC
Reference: https://techzone.vmware.com/resource/workspace-one-and-horizon-reference-architecture#sec2-sub5

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