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This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of implementing wireless networks based on the applicable Cisco controller and Unified switching architectures that support high availability, QoS, multicast, and mobility services.

Latest updates Cisco 300-365 exam practice questions

An engineer needs to address roaming issues with sticky clients in high-density areas on a campus. Which feature must
the engineer configure?
A. Layer 3 roaming
B. load balancing and band select
C. optimized roaming
D. Layer 2 roaming
Correct Answer: C

Controllers WLC_1 and WLC_2 are in the same mobility group. A wireless client that does not have the same VLAN
interface roams from WLC_1 to WLC_2. What happens to the client roaming?
A. The client context is deleted in controller WLC_1, and a new client context is created in WLC_2 to become the
anchor controller
B. The client context is moved from controller WLC_1 to controller WLC_2. The result is that the WLC_1 client context is
deleted and WLC_2 becomes the anchor controller.
C. The client context is copied from controller WLC_1 to controller WLC_2. The result is that WLC_1 becomes the
foreign controller and WLC_2 becomes the anchor controller.
D. The client context is copied from controller WLC_1 to controller WLC_2. The result is that WLC_1 becomes the
anchor controller and WLC_2 becomes the foreign controller.
Correct Answer: D


On which AP radio or radios is Cisco WGB association supported?
A. 2.4 GHz only
B. 2.4 or 5 GHz only
C. 2.4, 5, or 4.9 GHz
D. 5 GHz only
Correct Answer: B

You are deploying a combination of Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7921G and 7925G at your branch offices in a
centralized call processing environment that requires high availability at branch locations. Which three components
need to be verified before the wireless IP phones can be deployed? (Choose three.)
A. Sufficient SRST license support at each branch location
B. Support for local voice mail
C. Branch gateways support MoH
D. Properly configured QoS over the IP WAN links
E. Support for single number reach
F. Support for E.164 dialing
G. Sufficient IP phone licenses in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster
Correct Answer: ADG

A network engineer is debugging issues with the mDNS gateway. Which type of reply should be seen in the Wireshark
capture when querying for a mDNS service in the Bonjour Cache?
A. unicast from Prime Infrastructure
B. unicast from controller
C. multicast from devices
D. multicast from controller
E. unicast from devices
F. multicast from Prime Infrastructure
Correct Answer: B


An engineer has enabled FlexConnect AP Upgrade for a FlexConnect group, but did not manually select any master
APs. Which AP receives the update directly from the controller when a FlexConnect Upgrade is initiated?
A. one AP with the lowest MAC address in each subnet in the group
B. one AP of each model with the lowest MAC address in the group
C. one AP with the lowest MAC address in the group
D. one AP with the highest MAC address in the group
Correct Answer: C

A network engineer must ensure that corporate wireless users have a better experience than guest wireless users.
Which two configurations fulfil requirement? (Choose two.)
A. Override per-SSID bandwidth contracts on the corporate WLAN to reserve bandwidth.
B. Modify the corporate WLAN to the Platinum QoS policy.
C. Enable 802.1ptag on the Gold QoS pofccyto honor prioritized traffic.
D. Adjust the guest WLAN radio policy to 80211 b/g only.
E. Change the guest WLAN to the Bronze QoS policy.
Correct Answer: BE


What is the default NMSP echo interval between a Mobility Services Engine and Wireless LAN Controller?
A. 30Seconds
B. 15 Seconds
C. 10 Seconds
D. 60 Seconds
Correct Answer: B


You configure a Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend AP for a user who works remotely. Which option is configured
on the Cisco WLC to allow the user to print to a printer on his home network?
A. AP failover priority
B. split tunneling
C. FlexConnect
D. SE-connect
Correct Answer: C

A customer requires that the remote site be able to utilize local servers when the AP is in WAN-down (standalone
mode). Which AP mode must be configured on the wireless controller?
A. SE-Connect
B. Monitor
C. Local
D. FlexConnect
E. Sniffer
F. Rogue Detector
Correct Answer: D

A wireless engineer must optimize RF performance for multiple bindings with multiple types of construction and user
density. Which two actions must be taken? (Choose two.)
A. Enable DTPC on the network.
B. Configure RF Profiles for each area type.
C. Configure WMM profiles for each building.
D. Configure FlexConnect groups for each building.
E. Configure AP groups for each area type.
Correct Answer: BE

Which feature must be configured on Cisco WLC to prioritize multicast traffic over a wireless network?
A. client link
C. client band select
D. media stream
Correct Answer: B

A corporation has a Cisco Unified Wireless Network that has been deployed for voice coverage. The wireless data rates
have been tuned to mandatory rates of 18 Mbps and 36 Mbps. Some wireless clients have been experiencing drops
streaming multicast video while moving throughout the building. What is the cause of the drop in video?
A. Clients are roaming at lower data rates and are not maintaining 36Mbps connectivity.
B. Clients are not roaming due to coverage. This is causing the multicast data to drop due to the client re-associating
C. Clients are connected at 18Mbps; however, other clients are connecting at 12Mbps and are causing the multicast
video to degrade.
D. Clients are maintaining a 12Mbps rate and cannot receive the stream at 18Mbps.
Correct Answer: A

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