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The CCIE Service Provider exam validate professionals who have the expertise to design, implement, diagnose, and troubleshoot complex Service Provider highly available network infrastructure and services based on dual-stack solutions (IPv4 and IPv6); understand how the network and service components interoperate, and understand the functional requirements and translate into specific
device configurations.

Latest updates Cisco 400-201 exam practice questions


Which action enables an IPv6 multicast router on a subnet with locally attached receivers to quickly determine if there is

a need to send traffic for a certain multicast group out to that subnet? 

A. Adjust the MLD report interval on the router. 

B. Activate IGPMv3 snooping and fast-leave. 

C. Enable the MLDv2 explicit-tracking feature. 

D. Decrease the ICMPv4 multicast query timer. 

Correct Answer: B 



Which statements about the Route Target Rewrite feature are not true? (Choose two.) 

A. After the route target replacement policy is applied to the target router, the BGP session need not be refreshed

manually to put the policy into operation. 

B. Route Target Rewrite allows the administration of the routing policy to stay local to the AS. 

C. Route target replacement is always done by the ASBR. 

D. Route target rewrites are supported for VRF export maps. 

E. Route target replacement can be done on incoming and outgoing BGP updates. 

Correct Answer: AC 

The MPLS VPN–Route Target Rewrite feature allows the replacement of route targets on incoming and outgoing Border

Gateway Protocol (BGP) updates. Typically, Autonomous System Border Routers (ASBRs) perform the replacement of

route targets at autonomous system boundaries. Route Reflectors (RRs) and provider edge (PE) routers can also

perform route target replacement. 

The main advantage of the MPLS VPN – Route Target Rewrite feature is that it keeps the administration of routing policy

local to the autonomous system. 



In an NFV environment, what is the role of an SDN controller? 

A. Dynamically controls all of the software components 

B. Spins up the VMs that are required to build the NFVs 

C. Dynamically scales up and scales down VM resources 

D. Connects the virtualized networking devices through a common policy-based model 

Correct Answer: D 



Which three of these statements about PPPoE are true? (Choose three.) 

A. PPPoE can provide a host with access to a destination over Ethernet. You can have only one PPPoE session per


B. You must install PPPoE client software on all hosts that connect to the Ethernet segment. This means that the

access provider must maintain a CPE. 

C. You cannot use PPPoE with Cisco Service Selection Gateway. 

D. PPPoE implementation is susceptible to broadcast storms and possible denial-of-service attacks. 

E. Per-session accounting is possible, which allows the service provider to charge the subscriber based on session time

for various services offered. The service provider can also require a minimum access charge. 

Correct Answer: BDE 



Which two statements best describe EtherChannel? (Choose two). 

A. EtherChannel technology helps aggregate traffic grouping multiple, full-duplex point-to- point links together 

B. EtherChannel technology is based on the 802.1 IEEE stand 

C. EtherChannel can aggregate up to 800 Mbps,8 Gbps,or 80Gbps of aggregate bandwidth for a Fast EtherChannel,

Gigabit EtherChannel,or 10 Gigabit EtherChannel connection respectively. 

D. EtherChannel is defined for Rapid Spanning Tree for faster convergence. 

Correct Answer: AC 



What is the port number of an IPsec Encapsulating Security Payload packet? (ESP) 

A. IP protocol 51 

B. UDP port 50 

C. Ip protocol 50 

D. TCP Port 50 

E. UDP port 51 

F. TCP port 51 

Correct Answer: C 


QUESTION 7lead4pass 400-201 exam question q7

Refer to the exhibit Which PW type is negotiated?
A. Type 1
B. Type 2
C. Type 3
D. Type 4
E. Type 5
F. Type 6
Correct Answer: D

Which protocol supports exporting of fields extracted from BAR?
C. Sysolg
D. NetFlow
Correct Answer: D

Which two IOS commands are equivalents for putting a Cisco 7500 OC-12 RPR interface card into wrapped mode?
Select all that apply
A. shutdown [a | b]
B. srp shutdown [a | b]
C. srp ips request manual-switched [a | b]
Correct Answer: BC

Which three components are included in the Cisco IOS XR infrastructure? (Choose three.)
A. modular line cards
B. shelf controllers
C. route processors
D. service processors
E. distributed service cards
Correct Answer: BCD
Explanation: 1.4. SP high end product
1.4.01. IOS-XR structure Distributed Infrastructure The kernel is replicated across the router infrastructure. The services
and client applications can be distributed across the router infrastructure. The infrastructure includes route processors
(RPs), distributed route processors (DRPs), service processors (SPs), shelf controllers (SCs), modular service cards
(MSCs), and line cards (LCs).

Which statement about implementing the Cisco IPv6 provider Edge Router over MPLS is true?
A. 6PE feature is supported over tunnels other than RSVP-TE tunnels.
B. Core MPLS routers are supporting IPv6 only.
C. 6PE feature is not supported over tunnels other than RSVP-TE tunnels.
D. Core MPLS routers are supporting IPv4 only.
Correct Answer: C
The following restrictions apply when implementing the IPv6 Provider Edge Router over MPLS (6PE) feature:
Core MPLS routers are supporting MPLS and IPv4 only, so they cannot forward or create any IPv6 Internet Control
Message Protocol (ICMP) messages. Load balancing ability is not provided by Cisco 6PE between an MPLS path and
IPv6 path. If both are available, the MPLS path is always preferred. Load balancing between two MPLS paths is
possible. BGP multipath is not supported for Cisco 6PE routes. If two BGP peers advertise the same prefix with an
equal cost,
Cisco 6PE will use the last route to cross the MPLS core.
6PE feature is not supported over tunnels other than RSVP-TE tunnels.

A company has a backup T1 link to its corporate head office. To minimize costs, the company will use the T1 link only
for email downloads from the corporate email server. The PPP dialer initiates only when the internal server initiates an
email connection to the corporate email server. However, the PPP connection does not disconnect after emails are
downloaded. What is the cause of this issue?
A. The dialer-map command is not configured.
B. The interface is not added in the dialer-group command.
C. The dialer-list command is incorrectly configured.
D. The dialer time-out command is not configured.
Correct Answer: C

Drag and drop the functions on the left onto the associated NFV layer on the right.
Select and Place:

lead4pass 400-201 exam question q13

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 400-201 exam question q13-1

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