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High quality Cisco 300-160 dumps pdf practice materials free download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_7qiYkH83VRS1BVYmN4bjMtcU0

Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNP Data Center
Exam Name: Designing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing
Exam Code: 300-160
Total Questions: 360 Q&As
300-160 dumps
A wireless engineer has completed the configuration of a new WLAN on the existing Cisco wireless infrastructure. During testing he found that the wireless client’s authenticate and received the correct ip address from the switch, but they were not able to access any of the internal or external resources. Whichaction will resolve the issue?
A. Configure static ip addresses for the wireless clients.
B. Configure the default-router on the switch DHCP pool.
C. Configure option 82 on the switch DHCP pool.
D. Configure a dns-server on the switch DHCP pool.
Correct Answer: C

A WLC receives a coverage hole detection alert from an AP. What two conditions must occur for the controller to dynamically mitigate the situation? (Choose two.)
A. The AP serving the troubled client must currently have a power level 2 or lower.
B. The client must be able to dynamically raise its power level to match the new AP power.
C. The AP must be RF visible to additional APs on the other side of the coverage hole for calibration.
D. The client must have WMM-PS disabled to allow for the increased power usage.
E. The AP serving the troubled client must currently have a power level higher than 2.
Correct Answer: AB

Which statement about the usage of the debug command in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network is true?
A. Debug is enabled until manual shut off.
B. Debug is a message logging severity 7.
C. Debug is a restricted command and is not available in the AP CLI.
D. Debug is available on the WLC serial console and web interface.
Correct Answer: B

The Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability menu provides which two troubleshooting functionalities? 300-160 dumps (Choose two.)
A. viewing the status of the Cisco Unity Connection featureservice
B. generating reports that you can view in a range of formats, such as PDF, CSV, or HTML
C. viewing trace information through the web browser
D. providing an interface for the “starting and stopping” feature and network services
E. monitoring the number of threads and processes that are in the system
Correct Answer: AB

In Cisco Unity Express, which two Call Handling options can you configureon the Voice Mail tab of the GUI? (Choose two.)
A. distribution list
B. application parameter settings script
C. business schedule
D. voice mail operator number
E. calling search space
Correct Answer: BD

A Wireless LAN Cisco engineer is troubleshooting 802. 11ac WLAN at customer site Doe to interferences with neighboring 802 11n networks the engineer must determine the current primary secondary channel allocation to enhance the current configuration. Channel 60 has been chosen by the customer as primary 20 MHz channel.
Which combination determines the resulting primary 40 MHz and primary 80 MHZ channels?
A. primary 40 MHz channel 62, primary 80 MM: channel 58
B. primary 40 MHz channel 54, primary 80 MHz channel 58
C. primary 40 MHz channel 64, primary 80 MHz channel 60
D. primary 40 MHz channel 60, primary 80 MHz channel 56
Correct Answer: A

When creating new user accounts in Cisco Unity Connection, you want to allow users to add alternate extensions to access their voicemail. In which area of the menu do you do this?
A. under the class of service
B. under the class of service membership
C. under the user templates
D. under the contact templates
Correct Answer: A

When using VPIM Networking for messaging between Cisco Unity servers in different directories, which two factors should be considered for Audio Format Conversion settings? (Choose two.)
A. network bandwidth between the local and remote Cisco Unity servers
B. traffic volume of messages
C. network latency between the local and remote Cisco Unity servers
D. Audio Format of the outbound message
E. DSCP flags on the packet
Correct Answer: AB

An engineer has received an alarm on a wireless LAN controller and is unsure of its meaning. The engineer attempted to ping the wireless LAN controller interfaces.
Which troubleshooting methodology does this action demonstrate?
A. bottom-up
B. follow the path
C. shoot from the hip
D. top-down
E. divide and conquer
Correct Answer: E

When configuringan IM and Presence server on the Expressway-C or VCS-C, 300-160 dumps which role must the user have for connecting to the IM and Presence server?
A. Standard CTI Enabled
B. Standard Serviceability Administration
C. Standard AXL API Access
D. Standard CCM Admin Users
Correct Answer: C

A user reports that when calling an auto-attendant, they receive a fast busy signal. Which two options can cause this issue? (Choose two.)
A. An improperly configured dial peer is in the Cisco Unified CME.
B. The auto-attendant service is not running.
C. No call-in number is specified for the auto-attendant.
D. A prompt is missing in the auto-attendant.
E. An improperlyconfigured ephone-dn is in the Cisco Unified CME.
Correct Answer: AC

An AP will be deployed to an area where DHCP Option 43 is unavailable and the WLAN engineer is unable to have DNS modifications made to support this AP. Which two actions can enable the AP to join the WLC? (Choose two)
A. Issue the clear capwap private-config command in the AP console.
B. Pre-stage or prime the AP on the same Layer 2 VLAN as the WLC.
C. Issue the capwap ap ip default-gateway WLC IP address command in the AP console.
D. Issue the capwap ap ip address WLC IP address command in the AP console.
E. Issue the capwap ap controller ip address WLC IP address command in the AP console.
Correct Answer: AD

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