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Test your Cisco CCNA Data Center 200-155 exam level

Which description of a Cisco Nexus 1000V VSM module is true?
A. It runs over the data plane
B. It is responsible for communications with VMware
C. It provides a data plane of the 1000v system
D. It is responsible for communications with VMware vCenter and the VEM configuration
Correct Answer: D


Which two elements does a workflow template contain? (Choose two.)
A. task names
B. workflow structure
C. admin input values
D. custom tasks
E. script modules
Correct Answer: AB


Which management platform reduces server provisioning tome by automatically performing an inventory and deep
discovery when new devices are attached?
A. UCS Manager
B. UCS Server
C. CDP Manager
D. Enterprise Manager
Correct Answer: A


To uniquely define server instances in the Cisco UCS system, what do you configure?
A. service profile
B. vMotion
C. UUID resource pool
D. vNIC template
Correct Answer: A


Which description of the connection between two fabric interconnects in a cluster configuration is true?
A. must be connected directly by using any ports
B. must be connected virtually
C. must be connected directly by using Ethernet cables between L1-to-L2 and L2-to-L1 highavailability ports
D. must be connected directly by using Ethernet cables between L1-to-L1 and L2-to-L2 highavailability ports
Correct Answer: D


Which description of the value of an API is true?
A. provides the software used by developers to program applications
B. controls specific cloud resources and their distribution
C. defines the code used to program an application
D. helps developers by simplifying the integration of applications
Correct Answer: C


Which two parameters can you apply to a user role rule on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch? (Choose two.)
A. command
B. interface
C. policy
D. feature
E. database
Correct Answer: AD


A network architecture team is looking for a technology on Cisco Nexus switches that significantly simplifies extending
Layer 2 applications across distributed data centers. The team wants the Cisco Data Center Interconnect between sites
and without changing or reconfiguring the existing network design.
Which technology should be used?
A. Multiprotocol Label Switching
B. Cisco FabricPath
C. virtual switching system
D. virtual port channel
E. Overlay Transport Virtualization
Correct Answer: E

You are creating a workflow by using the Workflow Designer in Cisco UCS Director. Which three tasks are
preconfigured in the workflow by default? (Choose three.)
A. Physical Network tasks
B. Start
C. Service Container tasks
D. Completed (Success)
E. Public Cloud tasks
F. Completed (Failed)
Correct Answer: BDF


Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 200-155 exam question q10

A customer has connected ports from a Cisco UCS 6296 using factory default settings, in this way: Ports 45-48
connected to an upstream Cisco MDS switch Ports 16-19 connected to an upstream Cisco Nexus 5596 switch
Which two port modes should be used in Cisco UCS Manager? (Choose two.)
A. ports 45-48 as Fibre Channel uplink ports
B. ports 16-19 as uplink ports
C. ports 45-48 as Fibre Channel storage ports
D. ports 16-19 as server ports
E. ports 45-48 as FCoE ports
Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 11lead4pass 200-155 exam question q11

Refer to the exhibit. On which slots are the Cisco Nexus unified ports configured?
A. slot 1 and slot 2
B. slot 1
C. slot 3
D. slot2 and slot 3
Correct Answer: B

An engineer is configuring a server for storage connectivity using a Cisco MDS switch. The engineer connects the
server to the switch, powers up the server, and then wants to verify that the server has logged into the fabric.
Which command does the engineer use to verify fabric login?
A. show flogi database
B. show vsan database
C. show interface
D. show zoneset active
Correct Answer: A

Which plane does a router use to exchange topology information to build a routing table?
A. back plane
B. data plane
C. control plane
D. management plane
Correct Answer: C

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