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High Quality Cisco CCNP Security 300-209 Dumps Practice Questions And Answers (Q1-Q20)

An engineer has integrated a new DMVPN to link remote offices across the internet using Cisco IOS routers. When connecting to remote sites, pings and voice data appear to flow properly and all tunnel stats seem to show that are up.
However, when trying to connect to a remote server using RDP, the connection fails. Which action resolves this issue?
A. Change DMVPN timeout values.
B. Adjust the MTU size within the routers.
C. Replace certificate on the RDP server.
D. Add RDP port to the extended ACL.
Correct Answer: C

What command in cli you have to use to capture IKEv1 phase 1
A. capture match ip q port 500 eq port 500
B. capture match gre q port 500 eq port 500
C. apture match ah q port 500 eq port 500
D. capture match udp eq port 153 eq port 153
E. capture match udp eq port 500 eq port 500
Correct Answer: E

300-209 dumps
300-209 dumps
300-209 dumps
Based on the provided ASDM configuration for the remote ASA, which one of the following is correct?
A. An access-list must be configured on the outside interface to permit inbound VPN traffic
B. A route to will not be automatically installed in the routing table
C. The ASA will use a window of 128 packets (64×2) to perform the anti-replay check _
D. The tunnel can also be established on TCP port 10000
Correct Answer: C

Cisco IP security (IPsec) authentication provides anti-replay protection against an attacker duplicating encrypted packets by assigning a unique sequence number to each encrypted packet. The decryptor keeps track of which packets it has seen on the basis of these numbers. Currently, the default window size is 64 packets. Generally, this number (window size) is sufficient, but there are times when you may want to expand this window size. The IPsec Anti-Replay Window:
Expanding and Disabling feature allows you to expand the window size, allowing the decryptor to keep track of more than 64 packets.

Which adaptive security appliance command can be used to see a generic framework of the requirements for configuring a VPN tunnel between an adaptive security appliance and a Cisco IOS router at a remote office? 300-209 dumps
A. vpnsetup site-to-site steps
B. show running-config crypto
C. show vpn-sessiondb l2l
D. vpnsetup ssl-remote-access steps
Correct Answer: A

Which three types of SSO functionality are available on the Cisco ASA without any external SSO servers? (Choose three.)
C. HTTP Basic
E. Kerberos
F. OAuth 2.0
Correct Answer: BCD

An engineer has configured Cisco AnyConnect VPN using IKEv2 on a Cisco ISO router. The user cannot connect in the Cisco AnyConnect client, but receives an alert message “Use a browser to gain access.” Which action does the engineer take to eliminate this issue?
A. Reset user login credentials.
B. Disable the HTTP server.
C. Correct the URL address.
D. Connect using HTTPS.
Correct Answer: C

Which is used by GETVPN, FlexVPN and DMVPN?
Correct Answer: D

The Cisco AnyConnect client fails to connect via IKEv2 but works with SSL. The following error message is displayed:
“Login Denied, unauthorized connection mechanism, contact your administrator”
What is the most possible cause of this problem?
A. DAP is terminating the connection because IKEv2 is the protocol that is being used.
B. The client endpoint does not have the correct user profile to initiate an IKEv2 connection.
C. The AAA server that is being used does not authorize IKEv2 as the connection mechanism.
D. The administrator is restricting access to this specific user.
E. The IKEv2 protocol is not enabled in the group policy of the VPN headend.
Correct Answer: E

What are two variables for configuring clientless SSL VPN single sign-on? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: BC

Which command is used to determine how many GMs have registered in a GETVPN environment?
A. show crypto isakmp sa
B. show crypto gdoi ks members
C. show crypto gdoi gm
D. show crypto ipsec sa
E. show crypto isakmp sa count
Correct Answer: B

Which three configuration parameters are mandatory for an IKEv2 profile? (Choose three.)
A. IKEv2 proposal
B. local authentication method
C. match identity or certificate
D. IKEv2 policy
E. PKI certificate authority
F. remote authentication method
G. IKEv2 profile description
H. virtual template
Correct Answer: BCF

Refer to the exhibit.
300-209 dumps
A new NOC engineer is troubleshooting a VPN connection.
Which statement about the fields within the Cisco VPN Client Statistics screen is correct?
A. The ISP-assigned IP address of is assigned to the VPN adapter of the PC.
B. The IP address of the security appliance to which the Cisco VPN Client is connected is
C. CorpNet is the name of the Cisco ASA group policy whose tunnel parameters the connection is using.
D. The ability of the client to send packets transparently and unencrypted through the tunnel for test purposes is turned off.
E. With split tunneling enabled, the Cisco VPN Client registers no decrypted packets.
Correct Answer: B

Which option describes the purpose of the shared argument in the DMVPN interface command tunnel protection IPsec profile ProfileName shared?
A. shares a single profile between multiple tunnel interfaces
B. allows multiple authentication types to be used on the tunnel interface
C. shares a single profile between a tunnel interface and a crypto map
D. shares a single profile between IKEv1 and IKEv2
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
300-209 dumps
The customer can establish an AnyConnect connection on the first attempt only. Subsequent attempts fail. What might be the issue?
A. IKEv2 is blocked over the path.
B. UserGroup must be different than the name of the connection profile.
C. The primary protocol should be SSL.
D. UserGroup must be the same as the name of the connection profile.
Correct Answer: D

Which command enables the router to form EIGRP neighbor adjacencies with peers using a different subnet than the ingress interface?
A. ip unnumbered interface
B. eigrp router-id
C. passive-interface interface name
D. ip split-horizon eigrp as number
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco adaptive security appliance command can be used to view the count of all active VPN sessions? 300-209 dumps
A. show vpn-sessiondb summary
B. show crypto ikev1 sa
C. show vpn-sessiondb ratio encryption
D. show iskamp sa detail
E. show crypto protocol statistics all
Correct Answer: A

Which NGE IKE Diffie-Hellman group identifier has the strongest cryptographic properties?
A. group 10
B. group 24
C. group 5
D. group 20
Correct Answer: D

An engineer is configuring an IPsec VPN with IKEv2. Which three components are part of the IKEv2 proposal for this implementation? (Choos three.)
A. key ring
B. DH group
C. integrity
D. tunnel name
E. encryption
Correct Answer: CDE

Remote users want to access internal servers behind an ASA using Microsoft terminal services. Which option outlines the steps required to allow users access via the ASA clientless VPN portal?
A. 1. Configure a static pat rule for TCP port 3389
2. Configure an inbound access-list to allow traffic from remote users to the servers
3. Assign this access-list rule to the group policy
B. 1. Configure a bookmark of the type http:// server-IP :3389
2. Enable Smart tunnel on this bookmark
3. Assign the bookmark to the desired group policy
C. 1. Configure a Smart Tunnel application list
2. Add the rdp.exe process to this list
3. Assign the Smart Tunnel application list to the desired group policy
D. 1. Upload an RDP plugin to the ASA
2. Configure a bookmark of the type rdp:// server-IP
3. Assign the bookmark list to the desired group policy
Correct Answer: D

Which two RADIUS attributes are needed for a VRF-aware FlexVPN hub? (Choose two.)
A. ip:interface-config=ip unnumbered loobackn
B. ip:interface-config=ip vrf forwarding ivrf
C. ip:interface-config=ip src route
D. ip:interface-config=ip next hop
E. ip:interface-config=ip neighbor
Correct Answer: AB

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