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10Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers (ASASE)Lead4PassNov 22, 2022
New Question 1:

What feature of web security filters websites based on who what where, how, and when to assign a website a score?

A. Sandbox Filtering

B. Reputation Filtering

C. Malware Filtering D. URL Analytics

Correct Answer: D

New Question 2:

Which two Cisco products remediate network, cloud, and endpoint threats? (Choose two.)

A. pxGrid

B. Cisco Security Connector

C. Duo

D. Stealthwatch

E. AMP for Endpoints

Correct Answer: DE

New Question 3:

How does the AMP Module of AnyConnect help protect customers’ networks?

A. AMP can be launched from AnyConnect and deliver endpoint protection before traffic is tunneled to access the customer\’s network

B. AMP is a unified agent that combines posture check and authentication across wired, wireless, and VPN networks

C. AMP tracks malicious files as it travels through networks and devices

D. AMP provides highly secure access for select enterprise mobile applications

Correct Answer: C

New Question 4:

What are three benefits that Cisco Umbrella brings to DNS-Layer Security? Choose three.

A. Malware scanning

B. Breach mitigation

C. Recursive DNS

D. Reputation flirting

E. Predictive intelligence

F. Off-network security

Correct Answer: CEF

New Question 5:

What do customers receive when implementing TrustSec?

A. Context-aware access enhancing the forensic capabilities available to their IT team

B. Device profiling and onboarding, enabling businesses to control company role policies across all network services

C. Dynamic role-based access control that enables them to enforce business role policies across all network services

D. SSL decryption enabling secure communications on and off company networks

Correct Answer: C

New Question 6:

Which two attack vectors are protected by NGFW? (Choose Two)

A. Mobile

B. Email

C. Cloud

D. Web

E. Data Center

Correct Answer: CE

New Question 7:

What does remote access use to verify identity?


B. AMP for Endpoints

C. Remote Access VPN

D. Agents

Correct Answer: A

New Question 8:

Which feature of AnyConnect provides better access security across wired and wireless connections with 802.1X?

A. Secure Layer 2 Network Access

B. AnyConnect with AMP

C. Trusted Network Detection

D. Flexible AAA Options

Correct Answer: A

New Question 9:

Which feature of ISE enables ecosystem partner platforms to execute network actions with the Cisco network infrastructure?

A. context-aware access

B. centralized policy management

C. device profiling

D. platform exchange grid

Correct Answer: B

New Question 10:

Which two loT environment layers are protected by AMP for Endpoints? (Choose Two)

A. Data Center

B. Internet/Cloud

C. Control Layer

D. Access Points

E. Things

Correct Answer: BE

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