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Vendor: Cisco
Certifications: CCNA Cyber Ops
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Exam Code: 210-250
Total Questions: 80 Q&As
210-250 dumps
During migration from Token Ring to Ethernet, routers will be deployed to allow access between the existing Token Ring and the new Ethernet networks. Where in the network should these routers be deployed?
A. at the core of the network so that each IDF can continue to use the FDDI backbone.
B. in the individual IDFs so that individual users can be migrated from the Token Ring to the Ethernet network to minimize each individuals down time.
C. at each MDF so that each IDF can be migrated separately and possible wide-spread network outages
D. in the computer room so that the Token Ring and Ethernet networks are only connected at one location to minimize risk
Correct Answer: C

How can high availability be accomplished with a Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet network?
A. Deploy dual-connected core switches, each with a single connection to each MDF.
B. Deploy dual MDF switches, each with dual connections to the IDF switches.
C. Deploy stacked IDF switches that are dual connected to each core switch in the computer room.
D. Deploy dual MDF switches that each connect to two core switches in the computer room.
Correct Answer: D

Cisco Unity Connection provides which three benefits for retrieving messages? (Choose three.)
A. web access to voice messages, faxes, and email
B. RSS access to voice messages, faxes, and email
C. SNMP access to voice messages, faxes, and email
D. mobile access to voice messages, faxes, and email
Correct Answer: A,B,D

Which two messaging products are based on a Linux operating system? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco Unity
B. Cisco Unity Connection
C. Cisco Unity Express
D. Cisco Call Pilot
Correct Answer: B,C

What happens when you try to configure the fourth member of a Cisco Unified CallManager group? 210-250 dumps
A. The fourth member will be added to the sequential list.
B. The new member will replace the first member on the list.
C. Cisco Unified CallManager Administration will display an error message when you attempt to add the fourth member.
D. Cisco Unified CallManager Administration will display an error and replace the last entered member of the Cisco Unified CallManager group with the new entry.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following actions will prevent devices from being able to initiate conferences?
A. Exclude the conference media resource partitions from the CSS.
B. Exclude the conference media resources from all MRGs.
C. Place all conference media resources in MRGs and exclude these MRGs from the MRGL.
D. Remove the default MRGL from the device pool.
Correct Answer: C

How many backup sessions can be active at one time in the Disaster Recovery System?
A. one, either automatic or manual
B. two, one automatic incremental and one scheduled automatic full backup
C. two, one automatic and one manual backup
D. three, one scheduled automatic incremental, one scheduled automatic full backup and one manual backup
Correct Answer: A

Cisco Unified Communications servers are supported on the Cisco Unified Computing System platform using which storage solution? (Choose one.)
C. internal hard drive
D. external hard drive
Correct Answer: B

You have decided to use the MGCP signaling protocol for the PSTN gateway at Ajax. Which option is true regarding the use of a gatekeeper in their network?
A. One may be used for CAC.
B. One could be used for address resolution.
C. One may be deployed for both CAC and address resolution.
D. A gatekeeper is not applicable in this situation.
Correct Answer: D

after configuring VTP, you no longer receive updates as expected, 210-250 dumps which command can you to verify the number of VTP advertisement being transmitted?
A. show vtp database
B. show vtp counters
C. show vtp statistics
D. show vtp status
Correct Answer: B

This area is intentionally left blank From the following list of customer attributes, choose the correct IP telephony call processing model: -A large campus that spans multiple PSAP areas. -A single group of buildings each with its own computer room.
A. single-site call processing
B. centralized call processing
C. hybrid call processing
D. distributed call processing
Correct Answer: A

What are two conferencing guidelines for a single-site deployment? (Choose two.)
A. Use hardware conferencing only for small deployments
B. If available, configure DSPs for flex-mode when there are multiple codec types in use.
C. Group any conferencing resources into MRGLs based on their location, to manage Call Admission Control.
D. Make certain that Meet-Me and Ad-Hoc conference resources each account for a minimum of 5% of the user base.
Correct Answer: BD

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