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You notice performance degradation in your production Oracle 12c database. You want to know what caused this performance difference.
Which method or feature should you use? 1Z0-067 pdf
A. Database Replay
B. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) Compare Period report
C. Active Session History (ASH) report
D. SQL Performance Analyzer
Correct Answer: B

Which two are prerequisites for setting up Flashback Data Archive?
A. Fast Recovery Area should be defined.
B. Undo retention guarantee should be enabled.
C. Supplemental logging should be enabled.
D. Automatic Undo Management should be enabled.
E. All users using Flashback Data Archive should have unlimited quota on the Flashback Data Archive tablespace.
F. The tablespace in which the Flashback Data Archive is created should have Automatic Segment Space Management (ASSM) enabled.
Correct Answer: DF
1Z0-067 dumps
Which two statements are true about scheduling operations in a pluggable database (PDB)? 1z0-067 dumps
A. Scheduler jobs for a PDB can be defined only at the container database (CDB) level.
B. A job defined in a PDB runs only if that PDB is open.
C. Scheduler attribute setting is performed only at the CDB level.
D. Scheduler objects created by users can be exported or imported using Data Pump.
E. Scheduler jobs for a PDB can be created only by common users.
Correct Answer: CD

A complete database backup to media is taken for your database every day. Which three actions would you take to improve backup performance?
A. Set the backup_tape_io_slaves parameter to true. 1Z0-067 pdf
B. Set the dbwr_io_slaves parameter to a nonzero value if synchronous I/O is in use.
C. Configure large pool if not already done.
D. Remove the rate parameter, if specified, in the allocate channel command.
E. Always use RMAN compression for tape backups rather than the compression provided by media manager.
F. Always use synchronous I/O for the database.
Correct Answer: BDF

Which three statements are true about a job chain?
A. It can contain a nested chain of jobs.
B. It can be used to implement dependency-based scheduling.
C. It cannot invoke the same program or nested chain in multiple steps in the chain.
D. It cannot have more than one dependency.
E. It can be executed using event-based or time-based schedules.
Correct Answer: ABE

Because of logical corruption of data in a table, you want to recover the table from an RMAN backup to a specified point in time.
Examine the steps to recover this table from an RMAN backup:
1.Determine which backup contains the table that needs to be recovered.
2.Issue the recover table RMAN command with an auxiliary destination defined and the point in time specified.
3.Import the Data Pump export dump file into the auxiliary instance. 1Z0-067 dumps
4.Create a Data Pump export dump file that contains the recovered table on a target database.
Identify the required steps in the correct order.
A. 1, 4, 3
B. 1, 2
C. 1, 4, 3, 2
D. 1, 2, 4
Correct Answer: C

Examine the command:
In which two scenarios is this command required?
A. The current online redo log file is missing.
B. A data file belonging to a noncritical tablespace is missing.
C. All the control files are missing.
D. The database backup is older than the control file backup.
E. All the data files are missing.
Correct Answer: AB

For which three pieces of information can you use the RMAN list command?
A. stored scripts in the recovery catalog
B. available archived redo log files
C. backup sets and image copies that are obsolete
D. backups of tablespaces
E. backups that are marked obsolete according to the current retention policy
Correct Answer: ACD

In your database, the tbs percent used parameter is set to 60 and the tbs percent free parameter is set to 20. 1Z0-067 pdf
Which two storage-tiering actions might be automated when using Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) to automate data movement?
A. The movement of all segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespace exceeds tbs percent used
B. Setting the target tablespace to read-only after the segments are moved
C. The movement of some segments to a target tablespace with a higher degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespace exceeds T3S percent used
D. Taking the target tablespace offline after the segments are moved
E. The movement of some blocks to a target tablespace with a lower degree of compression, on a different storage tier, when the source tablespace exceeds tbs percent used
Correct Answer: AB

You wish to create jobs to satisfy these requirements:
1. Automatically bulk load data from a flat file.
2.Rebuild indexes on the SALES table after completion of the bulk load. 1Z0-067 dumps
How would you create these jobs?
A. Create both jobs by using Scheduler raised events.
B. Create both jobs using application raised events.
C. Create one job to rebuild indexes using application raised events and another job to perform bulk load using Scheduler raised events.
D. Create one job to rebuild indexes using Scheduler raised events and another job to perform bulk load by using events raised by the application.
Correct Answer: D

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