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Caching improves performance by reducing FortiGate unit requests to the FortiGuard server. Which of the following statements are correct regarding the caching of FortiGuard responses? (Select all that apply.)
A. Caching is available for web filtering, anti pam, and IPS requests.
B. The cache uses a small portion of the FortiGate system memory.
C. When the cache is full, the least recently used IP address or URL is deleted from the cache.
D. An administrator can configure the number of seconds to store information in the cache before the FortiGate unit contacts the FortiGuard server again.
E. The size of the cache will increase to accomodate any number of cached queries.
Correct Answer: BCD

Two FortiGate units with NP6 processors form an active-active cluster. NSE6 pdf The cluster is doing security profile (UTM) inspection over all the user traffic . What statements are true regarding the sessions that the master unit is offloading to the slave unit for inspection? (Choose two.)
A. They are accelerated by hardware in the master unit.
B. They are not accelerated by hardware in the master unit.
C. They are accelerated by hardware in the slave unit.
D. They are not accelerated by hardware in the slave unit.
Correct Answer: AD

Review the IPsec phase 2 configuration shown in the exhibit; then answer the question below.
NSE6 dumps
Which statements are correct regarding this configuration? (Choose two.). NSE6 dumps
A. The Phase 2 will re-key even if there is no traffic .
B. There will be a DH exchange for each re-key.
C. The sequence number of ESP packets received from the peer will not be checked.
D. Quick mode selectors will default to those used in the firewall policy.
Correct Answer: AB

The FortiGate unit can be configured to allow authentication to a RADIUS server. The RADIUS server can use several different authentication protocols during the authentication process. Which of the following are valid authentication protocols that can be used when a user authenticates to the RADIUS server? (Select all that apply.)
A. MS-CHAP-V2 (Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol v2)
B. PAP (Password Authentication Protocol)
C. CHAP (Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol)
D. MS-CHAP (Microsoft Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol v1)
E. FAP (FortiGate Authentication Protocol)
Correct Answer: ABCD

Which of the following statements are correct regarding Application Control? NSE6 pdf
A. Application Control is based on the IPS engine.
B. Application Control is based on the AV engine.
C. Application Control can be applied to SSL encrypted traffic.
D. Application Control cannot be applied to SSL encrypted traffic.
Correct Answer: AC

When the SSL proxy inspects the server certificate for Web Filtering only in SSL Handshake mode, which certificate field is being used to determine the site rating?
A. Common Name
B. Organization
C. OrganizationalUnit
D. Serial Number
E. Validity
Correct Answer: A

What are the requirements for a cluster to maintain TCP connections after device or link failover? NSE6 dumps (Select all that apply.)
A. Enable session pick-up.
B. Only applies to connections handled by a proxy.
C. Only applies to UDP and ICMP connections.
D. Connections must not be handled by a proxy.
Correct Answer: AD

Which of the following statements are correct regarding virtual domains (VDOMs)? (Select all that apply.) NSE6 pdf
A. VDOMs divide a single FortiGate unit into two or more virtual units that function as multiple, independent units.
B. A management VDOM handles SNMP, logging, alert email, and FDN-based updates.
C. VDOMs share firmware versions, as well as antivirus and IPS databases.
D. Only administrative users with a ‘super_admin’ profile will be able to enter multiple VDOMs to make configuration changes.
Correct Answer: ABC

Which of the following statements is correct about how the FortiGate unit verifies username and password during user authentication?
A. If a remote server is included in a user group, it will be checked before local accounts.
B. An administrator can define a local account for which the password must be verified by querying a remote server.
C. If authentication fails with a local password, the FortiGate unit will query the authentication server if the local user is configured with both a local password and an authentication server.
D. The FortiGate unit will only attempt to authenti ate against Action Directory if Fortinet Server Authentication Extensions are installed and configured.
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the NAC Quarantine feature?  NSE6 dumps
A. With NAC quarantine, files can be quarantined not only as a result of antivirus scanning, but also for other forms of content inspection such as IPS and DLP.
B. NAC quarantine does a client check on workstations before they are permitted to have administrative access to FortiGate.
C. NAC quarantine allows administrators to isolate clients whose network activity poses a security risk.
D. If you chose the quarantine action, you must decide whether the quarantine type is NAC quarantine or File quarantine.
Correct Answer: C

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