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Latest effective CompTIA CLO-002 exam practice questions

A company is required to move its human resources application to the cloud to reduce capital expenses. The IT team
does a feasibility analysis and learns the application requires legacy infrastructure and cannot be moved to the cloud.
Which of the following is the MOST appropriate cloud migration approach for the company?
A. Lift and shift
B. Hybrid
C. Rip and replace
D. In-place upgrade
Correct Answer: B


An organization plans to keep three of its cloud servers online for another nine months and the fourth server online for a
year. The current pricing is $200 per month per server. The cloud provider announced the sale price of $1,500 per year
per reserved instance.
Which of the following represents the cost savings by converting all four of the cloud servers to reserved instances?
A. $900
B. $1,800
C. $2,400
D. $3,600
Correct Answer: B


A company is migrating a legacy application to the cloud. Two C-level executives are currently engaged in the initial
stages of the migration, and they are planning a rip-and-replace approach.
Before initiating the project, the FIRST step should be to identify:
A. the required network performance.
B. the key stakeholders.
C. the desired CSP.
D. the required cloud services.
E. the required amount of storage.
Correct Answer: CD


Which of the following is commonly used to forecast market trends?
A. Serverless computing
B. Data warehouse
C. Machine learning
D. Accelerated computing
Correct Answer: C


A cloud systems administrator needs to log in to a remote Linux server that is hosted in a public cloud. Which of the
following protocols will the administrator MOST likely use?
C. Secure Shell
D. Virtual network computing
Correct Answer: C


A company wants to ensure its existing functionalities are not compromised by the addition of new functionality.
Which of the following is the BEST testing technique?
A. Regression
B. Stress
C. Load
D. Quality
Correct Answer: A


A new company directive requires all departments to ensure intellectual property is kept within a country\\’s borders.
Which of the following concepts BEST represents this requirement?
A. Data portability
B. Data security
C. Data locality
D. Data sovereignty
Correct Answer: D


Transferring all of a customer\\’s on-premises data and virtual machines to an appliance, and then shipping it to a cloud the provider is a technique used in a:
A. phased migration approach.
B. replatforming migration approach.
C. rip and replace the migration approach.
D. lift and shift migration approach.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following cloud principles will help manage the risk of a network breach?
A. Shared responsibility
B. Self-service
C. Availability
D. Elasticity
Correct Answer: A


A company has been running tests on a newly developed algorithm to increase the responsiveness of the application.
The company\\’s monthly bills for the testing have been much higher than expected.
Which of the following documents should the company examine FIRST?
A. Memory report
B. Compute report
C. Network report
D. Storage report
Correct Answer: C


A report identified that several of a company\\’s SaaS applications are against corporate policy.
Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?
A. Shadow IT
B. Sensitive data
C. Encryption
D. Vendor lock-in
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is the cloud storage technology that would allow a company with 12 nearly identical servers to
have the SMALLEST storage footprint?
A. Capacity on demand
B. Compression
C. Software-defined storage
D. Deduplication
Correct Answer: C


A mobile application development team requires frequent software updates for a major launch of a customer-facing
application. The business requirement is to be first-to-market on a new feature that leverages third-party-hosted
Which of the following is the BEST approach to use for speed and efficiency?
A. Proprietary code solution
B. Application programming interface
C. Regression testing
D. Production load testing
Correct Answer: B

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